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Is there a pet you are interested in fostering? If at a shelter, which shelter?*


Adult 1 Full Name
Adult 1 Phone
Adult 1 Email
Adult 1 Drivers Lic No and State
Adult 1 Date of Birth
Adult 2 Full Name
Adult 2 Phone
Adult 2 Email
Adult 2 Drivers Lic No and State
Adult 2 Date of Birth
Address, City, State, Zip
List any other adults and children in the home with ages and if any medical conditions
Do you own or rent?
Type of Residence (home/apartment/condo/etc)
If Rent, please list landlord's name and phone number.
Do you give us permission to contact your landlord if we move forward with an adoption or adoption trial?
If you are fostering a dog, do you have a fenced yard? If yes, please describe fencing type and height and condition.


Pet 1 Name
Pet 1 Type and Breed
Pet 1 Age and any medical issues
Click all that apply to Pet 1
Pet 2 Name
Pet 2 Type and Breed
Pet 2 Age and any medical issues
Click all that apply to Pet 2
Pet 3 Name
Pet 3 Type and Breed
Pet 3 Age and any medical issues
Click all that apply to Pet 3
Pet 4 Name
Pet 4 Type and Breed
Pet 4 Age and any medical issues
Click all that apply to Pet 4
If you have more than 4 pets, please list each here with the same information above. We've provided plenty of space.
Vet 1 Name, Clinic Name and Phone Number.
Vet 2 Name, Clinic Name and Phone Number, if applies.


Where will your foster be when you are home? Inside, outside, both, crated, chained, other. Please describe.
How many hours per day will your foster be alone?
When left alone, what type of shelter will you have for your foster Alone in home, crated in home, backyard with access to dog house or garage, etc. Please describe.
If you will be training your foster, please describe how you would handle training and discipline. Bark Collar, Shock Collar, Crating, Loud Noise, Newspaper, Swatting, Squirting with Water, etc. Please describe.
Describe a circumstance that would cause you to return your foster?
Have you fostered with a rescue group before? If so, please list their name(s) and number(s) here as part of your reference(s).
Please list two other references including full name and phone number and/or email.
How long are you able to commit to a foster? Till adopted, 2-3 weeks, overnight safe house, etc.... please expand.
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