Passion 4 Paws Fort Worth
The Plan

To make assistance available for TarrantCounty residents (low income, handicapped, senior citizens, etc.) who need help to keep their animals. This will be a funded program that will cover services for pets (dogs and cats) to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped and registered. This will also include post surgery pain meds.

How it works

CLASP will partner with The Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP), Summerfields Vet Clinic and other approved vets to provide low cost services (spay/neuter, vaccinations, rabies, micro chipping and city registration) upon request by approved residents who already have animals in their homes. Possibilities of low cost HW testing and treatment may also be available through a sister program. The cost of these services will be determined prior to any agreements between CLASP and the applicant. The application for said services must first be submitted through CLASP to determine if funding is needed and available dates for said vetting.

The schedules for surgeries performed and how many animals can be seen each week will be determined by the partnering clinics. CLASP will work with citizens on transportation to and from clinics when the need arises.

Partnering Vets/Clinics

Each application will have an attached list of updated clinics that have agreed to partner with CLASP for low cost vetting provided through the Passion4Paws program. Once an applicant is approved, it is their responsibility to contact one of these clinics to set an appointment and to notify CLASP of the appointment day and time.

The Needs

Once the fee schedule between CLASP and our approved vets has been set for covered vetting, CLASP will acquire funding from donors and/or grants to pay for all expenses needed for this project. These costs will include all clinic charges as stated earlier in this document.

The Results

CLASP believes that by assisting limited-income owners with spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, micro chipping and registration of their pets, the rate of euthanasia in the shelters will drop drastically due to the reduction in unwanted pet births and fees incurred when animals are picked up and held in city shelters. CLASP also believes that with fewer unwanted litters there will be less owner-surrender animals, and with the service of micro chipping provided for pets, more animals can be returned home instead of dying in the shelter.


*Print and fill out application, then email to Thanks!